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Real estate brokerage service consists in the payable performance of activities aimed at the conclusion by other parties of such contracts as sales contracts and leases of properties or other rights to properties.

It should be noted that in the light of the currently binding legal regulations, the profession of a real estate agent in Poland is no longer legally regulated, which means that a person without any qualifications, so almost "everyone", can perform real estate services. All you need to do is to have civil liability insurance for the carried out brokerage activities with a relatively low guarantee sum.

Pośrednictwo w obrocie nieruchomościami

It is also significant that currently a real estate broker is no longer required to have the appropriate license, to follow professional standards or to undergo professional training, as those regulations have also been repealed. What is more, a real estate agent is no longer subject to professional liability.

All this means that when choosing a real estate agent who would lead a client through numerous meanders of often complicated transactions a customer should pay attention primarily to qualifications, experience, old and tested licenses, the adequate insurance and also the right preparation of an agent to provide brokering services.

A client has the right to expect professional preparation on the market from an agent and also has the right to formulate specific requirements regarding the quality of the services provided.

Such requirements should be consistent with the legislator's indications regarding the performance of the contract by an agent who is a professional in his field in accordance with the special due diligence, as well as with the principles of fair competition, respect for good faith and legitimate interests of other entrepreneurs and consumers.

The ASTONS real estate company has many years of experience, qualifications and necessary preparation to help you with almost any real estate case.

Our company is co-run by a lawyer with several years of experience gained on the real estate market. We cooperate with law and notary offices.

We have a brokerage license issued by the minister on the basis of repealed regulations on the professional activities of estate agents, which required - among others - appropriate professional practice and passing an exam in order to obtain this license.

We have sufficiently high civil liability insurance and we care about continually educating our team.