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A notary is a person of public trust under the supervision of the state. The notary's professional activities are carried out by lawyers after completing specialist education, specific practice, passing an examination and organizing a notary office. The notarial activities performed by them have the nature of official documents. They are appointed by the Minister of Justice. By performing these official activities, notaries guarantee their proper execution.

Notaries perform a special role on the real estate market due to the requirement of the form of a notarial deed in real estate trading and also when other agreements or statements related to properties need to be made.


However, while notaries are required to ensure proper protection of the parties’ rights and legitimate interests, the help of an estate agent during the whole transaction is crucial.

What is important, the person who can understand exactly the expectations of the parties to the contract because of their long cooperation with their clients is a real estate agent. Knowing these expectations very well, a good broker is able to advise and identify specific solutions in a contract that will best meet the parties’ expectations.

A notary who performs services as an official and despite high legal qualifications is often unable - for practical reasons - to delve into the mutual, often complicated relations between the parties, which are often dictated by emotions.