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This process consists of at least several stages, which are described in detail in the SERVICES tab. The first step is the accurate valuation of the property and determination of the most optimal sales strategy, and - depending on the need - the implementation of appropriate home-staging actions. For this purpose, we come to our customers free of charge. We also conclude a brokerage agreement, based on which we are able to carry out our activitiies. Of course, the contract template is sent earlier to be read at any customer's request. In the meantime, we carefully examine documents related to the real estate and the entire legal and tax situation, we make professional photos and the sale offer. Then, we take numerous steps to find a buyer, including actively searching for interested investors from the market, contacting potential investors and widely advertising the property offered on numerous paid advertising portals. We conduct real estate presentations to potential clients and participate in negotiations. We supervise the entire process of determining all conditions contained in both: a preliminary agreement and a final sales agreement. We participate in the transfer of possession to new buyers and for this purpose we prepare appropriate documentation. We also give advice at the stage of rewriting the media metres and in the possible tax settlements. Our fee is payable only when the transaction has been carried out. We do not charge any earlier fees or include contractual penalties in our contracts. The entire sales process is supervised by a lawyer. We also cooperate with a law firm and numerous notary offices. We make sure that the whole sales process proceeds safely, efficiently and in the most profitable way for our customers.

It depends on the expected price for a property, legal status, location and the nature of a property itself. We adjust the amount of commission individually because each property is different. However we guarantee you a competitive fee we charge only in the case of a transaction. Please submit inquiries in this topic regarding your property. It costs nothing. You can contact us by calling us, by chatting, sending an e-mail or texting a message. You can also fill out the form on our website or visit us in our office.

We do our best to carry out the selling process as fast as possible taking into account the expectations of our clients and the condition of the real estate market. However, no agent dealing professionally with the real estate market is able to guarantee specific dates due to the fact that the speed of selling a property is the result of many factors, such as the demand and supply at a given time, the specifics of a given property, location, motivation of a seller or even individual preferences of a potential buyer. Still, we are able to guarantee a professional approach to the activities performed by us and our experience which reduce the time needed to complete the transaction to a minimum while maximizing the profit for our clients.

Our company has experience in conducting numerous transactions on the real estate market. It is co-operated by a lawyer with a major education in the field of real estate market. We have a proven license issued by an appropriate minister, on the basis of already repealed regulations honoring the high standards of estate agents' duties. We approach each transaction individually, thoroughly analyzing all documents and legal situations related to a given property. Our company has also civil liability insurance for all agency services we perform.

Yes. We have a license issued by the minister on the basis of already repealed provisions, which provided for the need to meet specific conditions in order to obtain it (specific education, practice, exam). Currently, unfortunately, the provisions no longer require the possession of any licenses and professional preparation by a real estate agent. In addition to the old and verified license, we also have civil liability insurance for brokering activities carried out by us with a guarantee sum of at least EUR 500,000.

It's easy. All you need to do is contact us in any way (phone, chat, text, e-mail or a contact form on our website), and we'll tell you where to start. Certainly, one of the first steps will be to inspect your property for evaluation. For this purpose, we come to your place free of charge, where we can also talk about the terms of cooperation. Of course, you can also visit us in our office. You do not have to worry that you may not have all the necessary documents at this point. We will get these documents for you..

In the case of agreeing on the details of our cooperation and after resolving any of your doubts, we suggest concluding a brokerage agreement

It costs nothing. Our fee is due only after the transaction has been carried out. Our clients do not pay any advance payments, prepayments, early charges or contractual penalties.

Submitting a property for sale to us does not entail the obligation to conclude any contract with us. What is more, by submitting a property to us you will receive free advice regarding sales opportunities and an approximate valuation of your property. We will also pre-analyze the property in legal terms. The agreement is only concluded after you accept all terms of cooperation. On the basis of the brokerage contract we are able to take steps to help you sell your property. The brokerage agreement gives you also the confirmation of the protection of your rights in the course of the agency activities we perform. It also guarantees insurance for you. It is therefore in your interest to sign it. 

We do not require any documents for the actual submitting a property. However, if you make a furhter decision to cooperate with us, we analyze in detail the need to obtain certain documents and analyze our cliet’s legal situation in order to exclude any doubts and misunderstandings. The list of necessary documents varies depending on the property, and if any is missing, we are able to help you get them. We need some of the documents to conclude a brokerage agreement, and some to conclude an actual sales or preliminary agreement. Right after submitting a property for sale we inform our clients, what documents will be needed and at what stage. We also help you get them.

Of course. This is one of the main duties of a real estate company. We analyze the documents of each property in detail before conducting the transaction. The analysis of documentation is carried out by a lawyer with specialized education in the field of real estate market.

We undertake many different activities to find a client for your property. We make every effort to ensure that these activities are as effective as possible. Anyway our fee is payable only when the transaction has been carried out. Our activities are based on active searching of potential investors. For this purpose, we contact our clients and people who are looking for similar properties and who might be interested in our offer. We get contacts to these people in the course of our work. We also have contacts with regular investors and work with other real estate agents exchanging information that may contribute to the sale.

We also invest in a very wide variety of advertising portals, including such as: gratka, otodom, nieruchomosci-online, morizon,, domiporta, gumtree, allegro,, krn, etc. Despite drastic increases in the prices of publishing offers on the above portals in recent years, our company continues to advertise its offers on all major advertising portals, as opposed to many other real estate agencies that have withdrawn their ads from many significant portals, thereby reducing their chances of sale.

Yes. Currently, this is not a big problem. It is important, however, that an experienced real estate agent supervise the entire transaction, because such a transaction involves the need to present additional banking documents, as well as skilful construction of contractual terms that will guarantee a safe sale of such a property to both the seller and the buyer. Our company is experienced in this type of sales contracts.  

It depends on the specific conditions in the concluded brokerage agreement. However, a previously concluded brokerage contract often does not have to be an obstacle in submitting a property to us. If you are interested in cooperating with us, we examine concluded brokerage agreements free of charge in terms of the possibility of submitting a property to us. All you need to do is contact us in any way (phone, chat, text message, e-mail, the form on our website, visiting our office).

This mainly depends on the value and - in practice - on the price of the property being sold. It has been assumed that the notary and tax costs related to the conclusion of the sales contract are covered entirely by the buyer. These are not small costs, so every buyer should take them into account when deciding to buy a property. Buying real estate on the secondary channel (from a "private" person) the main cost is a civil law transactions tax payable to a notary in the amount of 2% of the value, which in practice is the price of real estate. Apart from this you need to add a notary fee with VAT tax and court fees. However, the said civil law transactons tax absorbs most often the vast majority of total costs payable in the notary’s office. The client should also take into account the brokerage fee in his calculations which is determined individually with our company.

In the case of purchase of real estate from a developer or from another entity selling real estate as part of an economic activity, most often we face a price including VAT tax. In this case, the above mentioned civil law transactions tax is not paid at all.

Selling or buying a property one should also not forget about other possible tax obligations that may occur depending on the specific situation. As a real estate company we calculate the expected costs free of charge, referring to a specific property and examine the legal situation that may affect the potential tax obligation.

We work with independent and reliable credit advisors who help our clients in all formalities related to obtaining loans free of charge. They have extensive knowledge and experience on the methods of crediting and know a lot about banks’ offers. In the course of their work, they present the most attractive loan offers and help in choosing the most optimal offer for our clients. They do all the paperwork. They are mobile so they reach our customers saving their time in this way.

This is a question often asked by real estate companies’ clients and especially foreigners whose countries don’t have cooperative ownership rights. It is not easy to explain in plain language this difference. First of all - from a practical and economic point of view - the cooperative ownership (”spoldzielcze wlasnosciowe”) does not differ from the ownership. Both of these rights are transferable and inheritable. They can be subject to execution. In practice, they are indefinite. The elements of protection of these rights are also the same as well as the tax consequences of operations related to these rights. The same economic value of these rights is also indicated by the same value in the real estate market of these rights. However, from the formal point of view, the cooperative ownership is the so-called ”limited property right” (PL: ”ograniczone prawo rzeczowe”) established on the property owned by a housing cooperative (PL: ”spoldzielnia mieszkaniowa”). A housing cooperative, however, at the written request of a cooperative ownership beneficiary is obliged to transfer ownership of the apartment to their benefit, which will transform this right into ownership at a relatively low cost in the amount of typically PLN 1,000. Therefore, even if we assume that a cooperative ownership is somehow "inferior" as compared to ownership, it can always be easily converted into ownership. 

Finally, it is necessary to mention about the not very precise terms in everyday life of the above-mentioned rights to apartments. Both of these rights are often referred to as "ownership rights" (PL: ”wlasnosciowe”). It should also be noted that - apart from the above-mentioned ownership and cooperative ownership - the cooperative tenancy right (PL: ”lokatorskie”) still exists, which is only a kind of lease of the apartment from a housing cooperative. However, such a right can - just like a cooperative ownership - be transformed into ownership in many cases and at a relatively low cost.


Below you will find documents and forms that may be useful in cooperation with us